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Ways to Love Your Lips

18th March 2020

Here at Lumiere skin clinic, Manchester, we’ve got lots of ideas for how to boost your confidence and unlock the beauty of your face, body and skin. In this post, we’re focusing on ways to love your lips.

Lip care

Using a combination of gentle exfoliating scrub in the evening and SPF balm in the day, you can keep your lips looking shiny, feeling moisturised and staying sun-protected. Our dermatologists here at our Manchester skin clinic can give you tips on how to do this safely and effectively, and may be able to recommend some suitable products for your unique skin needs.

Lip enhancement

One of our popular aesthetics treatments – lip fillers – is known for helping give lips that subtle boost and helping balance out your facial features. Common, straightforward and effective, lip fillers use hyaluronic acid to plump, contour and hydrate. At our skin clinic, we carry out lip fillers on many of our clients, enhancing their smile in a natural-looking way.

Lip problems

Our dermatologists are skin experts, and may be able to advise you on lip concerns. From cold sores to ulcers, and even signs of sun damage, your lips are a delicate part of your body and need looking after with great care. If our clients have skin concerns, our dermatologists always aim to help get them back to looking and feeling great again.

Other lip tips

There are so many other ways you can look after your lips. Here are some of our top tips:


  • Stay hydrated – water does wonders for your body, preventing your lips from drying out and helping skin look less aged.
  • Remove make-up – it’s important to always go to bed fresh-faced, which means removing any make-up. One of the benefits of this is you can also remove impurities and pollutants at the same time. Even if your lip products look to have worn away during the day, it’s worth cleansing at night all the same.
  • Eat well – foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients feed your body what it needs and have benefits for your skin and lips.
  • Create a skincare routine – using the right products, and often, can help you look after your lips in the long-term.

How can Lumiere help?

Our skin clinic, based in Manchester, can take care of you and your skin from an aesthetic and a medical perspective. From lip fillers to skin assessments, our dermatologists can help you look and feel your very best and give you the confidence boost you deserve. To discuss our treatments or to book in for your consultation, please contact our team today.

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