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Patient Case Study: Melasma Part 1

To show potential patients what to expect from our treatments for Melasma, we were lucky enough to get one of our existing patients to document their journey and show us the progression our their results. 

The patient in this case study first came to the clinic as they were having issues with Melasma and sunspots. These issues were making the patient self-conscious of their skin, which was affecting their confidence. After a complete skin examination from our dermatologist, Dr Nicole offered the patient some information on their Melasma and presented a list of solutions.

Both the patient and Dr Nicole decided the best option for their skin would be a Cosmelan Peel. A Cosmelan Peel is a type of chemical skin peel that targets areas of pigmentation on the skin and helps fade any sunspots/red patches of skin. Unlike other peels, the results for this take time, and the skin needs to peel slowly, with the full results showing after seven days, once the skin had relaxed and healed. 

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