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Skin Ageing

At Lumiere Clinic, our qualified practitioners will assess and treat your skin ageing concerns. We aim to provide cosmetic treatments in a safe and effective way, to help you look fresher and natural.*

The interplay between our genetic and environmental factors determines how we age. With cumulative UV damage, we gradually lose our collagen and skin elasticity. This causes gravity-induced sagging, skin folds, wrinkles, rough skin, age spots and pigmentation. However, some areas tend to age more than others, and changes in the skin surface are not the sole factor for clinical signs of ageing.

Thinning of the underlying fat pads and loosening of the ligaments in our skin causes the skin to sag, and migrate downwards. These changes are most obvious around the eyes and mouth. Facial muscle contraction over time causes deeper lines and creases. These lines and creases initially appear with facial expressions, but over time, they become static and are constantly visible.

At Lumiere Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic treatments to treat the following conditions:

  1. Dull, uneven skin – specialist skin care and skin peels
  2. Age spots – specialist skin care, skin peels, lasers and IPL, Tixel® resurfacing treatment
  3. Pigmentation – specialist skin care, skin peels, lasers and IPL
  4. Lines and wrinkles – anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, specialist skin care, skin peels, lasers, IPL, Tixel® resurfacing treatment and micro-needling
  5. Sagging and jowls –  Silhouette Soft® thread lifts, dermal fillers (Juvederm®), Profhilo® DesoFace® and radiofrequency

At consultation, our team will examine your skin fully and go through a range of cosmetic treatments that are effective at treating your skin concerns.

*Individual results may vary.

To book a consultation with our dermatologist, or for more information on skin ageing treatment at our skin and aesthetics clinic in Manchester, call us on: 0161 236 6500, email us on: info@lumiereclinic.co.uk or fill in our online contact form.

Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester

Suggested Treatments for Skin Ageing

Excellent aftercare

“Had my skin lesion treated by Dr Nicole. Explained everything well and was reassuring throughout. Excellent aftercare. Highly recommended dermatologist.”

- Jon B

Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester
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