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Chemical Skin Peels

With so many over-the-counter skin care products available, it can be difficult to choose which products are most suitable for your skin concerns. Most over-the-counter products have limited penetration of the skin or have low concentrations of active ingredients that are sub-therapeutic. At Lumiere Clinic, as a Dermatologist-led clinic in Manchester, we offer specialist treatments, backed up by results from clinical studies. These treatments penetrate the deeper layers of your skin with therapeutic levels of ingredients for best results.

Your skin concerns will be assessed followed by a discussion on skin treatments especially tailored to your skin type and needs. Throughout the course of your skin care or skin peel regime, you will have regular check-ups to ensure that you get optimal results from your treatments. When required, skin care treatments can also be combined with specialist dermatological treatments or minor skin procedures to work synergistically to achieve the best overall results.

We use medical-grade skin care and chemical peels to improve the following skin concerns:*

  1. Uneven, rough or dull skin tone and texture
  2. Discoloration, pigmentation, brown spots or age spots
  3. Enlarged pores
  4. Acne spots
  5. Greasy skin
  6. Fine lines and wrinkles

*Individual results may vary.

To book a consultation, or for more information on chemical peels at our skin and aesthetics clinic in Manchester, call us on: 0161 236 6500, email us on: info@lumiereclinic.co.uk or fill in our online contact form.

Our top skin care system

OBAGI Nu-Derm® Transformation System

The Nu-Derm® system is clinically proven to transform and restore healthy-looking skin. It is ideal for age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. In a study, with a strict 6-month regime, 96% of people showed improvement in dark spots and discolouration, and were no longer embarrassed or self-conscious about their skin.*

Your skin will be assessed at the initial consultation to determine whether you are suitable to start this system. Follow-up reviews at regular intervals will be offered to help you make the most out of this treatment.

*Individual results may vary.

In addition to this, we have a range of other specialist skin care products to target different skin concerns.

Our popular chemical peels to target the following skin concerns:

Skin ageing

OBAGI Blue Peel® (TCA peel)

Obagi Blue Peel® is a medical-grade peel to dramatically improve the appearance of skin. It removes layers of aged and damaged skin, allowing new skin to resurface. It is ideal for age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. There can be skin peeling and redness for a few days up to 2 week after the procedure. It is recommended that patients use the OBAGI Nu-Derm® system for at least 6 to 12 weeks before having a Blue Peel and then continue using the Nu-Derm® System after the procedure.



Dermamelan is a medical-grade chemical peel with an intensive corrective effect for pigmentation and skin discoloration. It contains a combination of active substances with proven efficacy to regulate overproduction of melanin, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of dark spots. It is a one-year skin care regime, divided into 4 treatment phases to achieve an all-round, effective result.

Dermamelan® intimate

Mesoestetic® provides a unique method to correct pigment imperfections in a single clinical session and improve the quality, turgor and appearance of the intimate area. Dermamelan® intimate is the anti-aging depigmentation method that provides a corrective, regulating action, achieving an affective result in the short and long term to correct hyperpigmentation of:  – genital perineal area – perianal area – mons pubis – inner thighs and groins

Acne and spots


Acnelan is a chemical peel which uses a patented m.acnecomplexTM (salicyclic acid, mandelic acid, sodium lepargilate and shikimic acid) to target the key factors that cause acne. It has a deep cleansing effect and is effective for acne and greasy skin. It is contraindicated in those who have a nut or aspirin allergy.

Our popular lunch-time facials for brighter, firmer and clearer skin:

OBAGI Blue Radiance Peel

OBAGI Blue Radiance Peel is a professional peel formulated to provide instant radiance to the skin. It is a superficial peel, with little or no downtime. After just 1 week, the skin feels tighter, smoother and looks brighter. It is also effective to reduce greasy skin, clogged pores and acne spots. A series of 4 to 6 peels provides best overall results.


Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our Skin Care & Skin Peels

  1. I have enlarged pores. Can you help?

    Enlarged facial pores are a common dermatologic and cosmetic concern. Although pore size is largely genetically determined, there are several factors that can influence our pore size such as high sebum (oil) excretion, recurrent acne, sex hormones, and skin care regimen. Treatments are targeted at these factors that influence our pore size. Also, there are potential ways to reduce the appearance of our pore size. At your consultation, your skin will be assessed, and treatments are individualised to your skin type and concern. Potential treatments can range from skin care regimen, retinoid (vitamin A) creams/tablets, chemical peels, anti-hormonal treatments, microneedling to laser therapies.

  2. I have recurrent spots and breakouts. I need to get the bottom of this. Can you help?

    There are several causes of spots and breakouts on the face. Commonly, they are due to acne or rosacea. At your consultation, your skin will be assessed thoroughly with dermoscopy and our facial analysis system. There are ways to differentiate between acne and rosacea. Acne tends to also cause blackheads and whiteheads, whereas rosacea tend not to. Rosacea tends to cause skin sensitivity, redness and flushing. At your consultation, the correct diagnosis will be given along with explanations of the cause of the problem. Treatment options will be recommended based on what is appropriate for your skin type and problem, taking into account your preference and considerations. The pros and cons of each treatment option will be discussed. Once you are started on a treatment, you will be monitored closely until your desired effect is achieved. At Lumiere Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic and medical treatments. From skin care regimen, oral treatments (specialist dermatological, anti-hormonal treatments) to lasers and light treatments, there are treatments to fight the breakouts, and to deal with the remaining redness and/or scars left from the breakouts.

  3. I have uneven skin tone. Can you help?

    There are various treatments that can help to improve your skin tone. It is important to diagnose the cause of your uneven skin tone first before discussing appropriate treatment options. At Lumiere Clinic, we have the expert from a Dermatologist to assess your skin, identify the cause of your uneven skin tone, and discuss appropriate treatment options to correct and maintain the results. The treatments can range from specialist skin care, prescribed treatments, skin peels to laser and light therapies.

*Individual results may vary.

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