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Neck Treatments

Neck Treatments

to create a well-defined, youthful-looking jaw and reduce sagging skin in your neck

Here at Lumiere clinic we offer a number of treatments for your neck, ranging from non-surgical treatments such as Profhilo to improve skin quality, threadlifts and ULTRAcel Q+ to tighten saggy skin, anti-wrinkle injections to reduce neck bands to a full surgical neck lift.

Whatever the issue you have we are confident that we will be able to help you. We have both a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist, who can advise and offer you the most suitable treatment for your concern.

If you could like to find out what treatments we offer and get some more information on them please click below.

for crepey neck skin with fine lines

Profhilo is an advanced injectable anti-ageing treatment that increases skin hydration and improves skin firmness, resulting in healthier and smoother skin. This highly effective treatment is given by injecting a stabilised form of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin. It’s effects boost hydration in the skin and also remodels the sagging skin. Profhilo has one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acids on the market. It can be seen as a hydration booster for the skin, with the added benefit of boosting collagen and elastin to remodel the skin. This treatment is effective to treat dull, dehydrated, crepey skin and those with mild skin laxity on the face, the neck and décolletage.


Threadlifts and ULTRAcel Q+
for saggy neck skin


With ageing, our skin gradually loses its firmness and elasticity. Together with volume loss in the subcutaneous fat, this gives rise to a saggy appearance. Silhouette Soft® uses a unique, patented resorb-able suture with cones along its length, to lift the surface of the skin to reduce skin sagging. This also stimulates the production of collagen to restore firmness in the face, without having a full surgical face lift.


ULTRAcel Q+ is the ultimate treatment to rejuvenate the skin. Using targeted ultrasound technology, it works by naturally kick-starting fresh collagen and elastin production. ULTRAcel Q+ will target down to the muscle layer of the skin, one of the most important support structures for the face.


Anti-wrinkle injections
for strong neck bands

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat prominent or strong neck bands, which can potentially cause a saggy jawline. Targeted treatments to the neck-band muscles can smooth the appearance of the neck. It also reduces the muscles’ pulling effect on the jawline thereby improving its contour.


Facial rejuvenation surgery

Face & Neck Lift Surgery is a procedure that tightens the skin around the lower face and neck. Both these procedures are often done at the same time and are needed for severe skin laxity that is not treatable with non-surgical options. These procedures reverse the signs of facial ageing by removing excess skin and repositioning the underlying fat and muscles to produce a more youthful appearance. This procedure can be combined with fat transfer using your own fat from elsewhere to treat facial volume loss due to ageing.

Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester Lumiere Skin Clinic | Manchester

  1. Do I need a consultation if I know exactly what I want?

    A consultation at our skin clinic in Manchester is always recommended as it is best to check if the treatment you want suitable for you. We will need to go through your medical history to ensure that appropriate precautions are undertaken during your procedure.

  2. How much does a consultation cost?

    A consultation costs £185 and this includes a full skin examination, discussion of most appropriate treatment options.

*Individual results may vary.

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