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VASER Liposuction by Dr Kian

Liposuction (also known as suction-assisted lipectomy) is a procedure that improves the contours of your body by removing areas of stubborn, excess fat. The procedure is performed using suction cannulas in a minimally-invasive technique. This treatment can be done on virtually any part of the body where subcutaneous fat is present. This is a popular treatment for the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, thighs and under-chin area.

Re-shape your body with VASER liposuction by Dr Kian

VASER liposuction is an increasingly popular treatment that helps re-shape your body by targeting stubborn areas of fat and tightening loose skin at the same time. This procedure is not a weight loss treatment and not a substitute for good diet and exercise. However, liposuction can help reduce areas of fat that you are unable to shift with lifestyle measures alone.

High-definition (HD) liposuction (also know as liposculpture) is an advanced technique using ultrasound-assisted VASER liposuction that sculpts and improves the definition of your body, while tightening your skin at the same time.

  1. Performed by Dr Kian, a UK-trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon who has a special interest in Cosmetic & Body Contouring Surgery
  2. British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Aesthetic Fellowship training in London & Sydney, Australia
  3. Systematic approach & personalised surgery for natural-looking results
  4. Experience in a wide range of liposuction techniques including standard liposuction, power-assisted liposuction (Microaire) & VASER liposuction
  5. Consultation and full aftercare provided by Dr Kian

To book a consultation, or for more information on vaser liposuction at Lumiere Clinic Manchester, call us on: 0161 236 6500, email us on: info@lumiereclinic.co.uk or fill in our online contact form.

Check out Dr Kian’s amazing results in the BEFORE & AFTER gallery below

Most people who seek liposuction are usually keen for targeted areas of fat to be treated to improve the contours of their body. It is important to note that we all have ‘internal’ and ‘external’ fat. Liposuction targets external fat (also called subcutaneous fat) by physically removing globules of fat by suction. Internal fat can only be reduced with through lifestyle measures. It is always advisable to have a good diet and to exercise regularly before and after your liposuction procedure to maintain your ideal body weigh.

A good result from liposuction also depends on your skin quality. If you have poor skin laxity or excessive saggy skin, then liposuction may not be the best option for you.

Liposuction may be combined with other procedures such as a tummy tuck, arm lift or autologous fat transfer. When combined with fat transfer, some of the fat that is removed is used to enhance and improve definition in another part of the body such as your breasts, cheeks or jawline. Fat transfer to the face can be done to enhance your features and to treat age-related volume loss in a subtle and natural-looking way.

During your consultation with Dr Kian, you will be able to discuss your goals and concerns. Dr Kian will discuss which areas that you wish to target with liposuction. He will also explain what sort of results to expect and how long it will take to recover from this procedure.

Dr Kian has had extensive training using a wide range of liposuction and body contouring techniques. He will be able to tailor your procedure to ensure that you achieve natural-looking results based on your individual needs and concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About VASER Liposuction at Lumiere Clinic

  1. Am I suitable for liposuction?

    Liposuction is suitable for both male and female patients. It is a popular treatment to remove areas of excess fat on your body, thighs, arms and under-chin area. Liposuction is a good treatment to improve the contours of your body, however it is not a weight loss treatment.


    If you are over 18, generally healthy, not overweight and a non-smoker, you are suitable for liposuction. Occasionally, some people who seek liposuction may actually not be suitable, and may require a different treatment such as a tummy tuckarm lift or facelift/necklift or a combination of procedures. During your consultation, you will be advised on whether liposuction is suitable for you.

  2. What will the consultation involve?

    At your consultation, you will meet Dr Kian, a fully-qualified plastic surgeon who is trained in a wide range of liposuction and body contouring techniques. He will take a full medical history including details of medications, allergies and smoking. Dr Kian also always takes time to understand what your goals and concerns are.


    During your examination, the following will be assessed systematically and standard clinical photographs will be taken for your medical record:

    – areas of fat to be targeted

    – asymmetry

    – skin excess/quality


    Dr Kian will then discuss your procedure with you. He will explain the potential risks and complications of surgery so that you make a fully-informed decision. There will be plenty of time to answer any questions that you may have and you can rest assured that Dr Kian will give you his honest, professional advice.

  3. What sort of scars can I expect?

    Small cannulas are used to remove fat through small incisions. Although incisions are small and placed discreetly, there may be some visible scars. Dr Kian will discuss what you are likely to expect at your consultation.

  4. When will I be able to see my results?

    Liposuction will produce immediate results however you will have post-surgical swelling and bruising that will take up to 2 weeks to subside. Sometimes, bruising can take several weeks to completely disappear. Full results can take more than 6 weeks, however if you put on or lose weight in the future it will have an impact on your results. Scars may continue to be red initially but will usually fade well with time.

  5. Why might I not be suitable for liposuction?

    Liposuction does not treat cellulite, which is dimpling due to fibrous septae in your fat. Liposuction is also not suitable if you have poor quality or excessive skin as removing fat from underneath may make your skin more lax. Liposuction is also not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, therefore you need to be at a good, stable weight to be a candidate for liposuction.

  6. What are the risks/complications?

    Most patients are very satisfied with the results of their liposuction. However, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon who is appropriately trained in liposuction & body contouring techniques to minimise the risk of complications. During your consultation, Dr Kian will explain the potential risks and complications of your procedure. Some of these include:

    – Scar – these are normally from small incisions (less than 1cm). They are usually placed discreetly but may be visible after surgery.
    – Infection – some infections may require antibiotic treatment.
    – Bleeding/haematoma – bleeding or a collection of blood that may result in swelling, firmness and scarring.
    – Seroma – this is a collection of fluid produced by the body.
    – Wound healing problems – this is unusual for the small incisions used.
    – Fat necrosis – Fat that loses its blood supply can cause firm, tender lumps that may form scar tissue.
    – Skin burns – friction from the liposuction cannula can cause skin burns. There is also a theoretical risk of burns from the ultrasound energy from VASER, however the risk is minimised with the latest generation of devices.
    – Unfavourable results – this may be due to problems with asymmetry, under- or over-correction of your problem, contour/skin irregularities.

  7. How long is the recovery time?

    Recovery time is very individual, however for most people this will be between 7 to 14 days. For under-chin liposuction, you will be asked to keep your head elevated for at least 48 hours after the procedure to keep the swelling down. We would normally advise to take a 1-2 weeks off work, however you may return to work sooner or later depending on how you recover and the type of work that you do. You will be asked to wear a post-surgical support garment day and night for the first 3 weeks, followed by in the daytime only for a further 3 weeks. Full results take at least 6 weeks, however this will vary from person to person.

  8. What will the aftercare involve?

    Dr Kian believes that good aftercare is as important as the surgery itself. You will be given contact details to get in touch should you have any concerns after your surgery. You will have a clinic appointment approximately 1 week after your procedure. At this time, the wound is inspected to ensure that it is healing well and there is no infection. You will have a full review appointment with Dr Kian at approximately 6 weeks after your surgery to check that you are happy with your results and to give you long-term aftercare instructions.

*Individual results may vary.

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