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Your Skin Questions Answered

27th February 2020

Whether you’re booking in with our Manchester skin clinic for a beauty treatment or you’re addressing a skin concern, you’re in safe hands with Lumiere Clinic. Our clients come to our Dermatologists for so many different reasons, each with their own questions – in this post, we’ll answer some of the most common ones.

Q: How worried should I be about skin cancer?

A: According to the latest study from Cancer Research (2016), skin cancer is the fifth-most common type here in the UK, affecting men and women to a similar degree – however, there were just 8294 cases for women and 8080 for men diagnosed in this year.

Skin cancer is most treatable when identified early, and there’s lots you can do to help prevent it, too. Being sun-safe and keeping to the shade, covering up your skin and using sun cream are all great places to start, and regularly checking your skin is important, too – so check in with our Dermatologists if you notice any changes.

Q: What skincare products should I try?


A: Using skincare that incorporates SPF protection and a moisturiser is a great start for keeping your skin safe in the sun – they can help prevent skin cancer, as well as signs of ageing.

At Lumiere Clinic, Manchester, we offer tailored recommendations to our clients at our skin clinic, based on their unique skin – whatever the type, tone or condition. While a consultation with our Dermatologists is always recommended, we can also offer you some general skincare advice.


  • Focus on one skin concern at a time and wait a few days in between using new products, in case of irritation.
  • Check your skin type against the product type – an oil-based formula isn’t recommended for oily skin, for example.
  • For intensive results, a treatment may be your best option.


Q: How should I cleanse my skin?


A: When it comes to your skincare routine, how you carry out your cleansing is as key as the products you use. One of the most important things to remember is that your face is a delicate area, so try not to scrub at the skin and always pat dry, rather than rub. It’s also possible to over-wash the area – just twice a day is fine. Our Dermatologists can show you some good skin-cleansing techniques here at our skin clinic.

Q: When do I need to see a Dermatologist?

You don’t have to have a major skin concern to benefit from a consultation with a Dermatologist. Almost everyone will learn something about their skin, or pick up tips for great products to try or techniques for acing their skincare routine, by visiting a skin clinic. While we always recommend booking in with our Dermatologists here in Manchester when you’re worried about your skin, we can also help you with cosmetic aspects of your appearance and will always recommend treatments suited to you and your skin.

To get in touch, simply visit our contact page to find out more.

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