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Reasons Botox should only be performed by a medical professional

10th September 2019

The rise in popularity of the ‘Botox party’ across the UK is of great concern to those of us who are medically trained in administering anti-wrinkle injections. These risky treatments are being performed illegally from homes, and carry great risk – often they yield botched results. In order to raise your awareness, we at Lumiere Clinic explain why your Botox treatment should only be performed by a medical professional.


Botox can only be obtained by prescription

 Botox is a medically regulated product, only available by prescription. This means that only a trained professional can acquire it, and for a non-licensed individual to even obtain Botox is a breach of the law. It goes without saying, then, that it is also illegal for a non-professional individual to administer Botox treatments – Dentists, surgeons, and nurses must receive professional training in aesthetics before they are permitted to do so. Naturally, these trained professionals should always be trusted over beauticians or non-medical professionals who operate without license – to do otherwise is to put yourself at risk!


Medical Professionals have access to better quality product

 Access to medically regulated materials means access to better quality product. A medical professional will always perform your Botox treatment with regulated, trusted, and high quality toxin products. Non-licensed individuals, on the other hand, will not have access to these products, raising questions about what exactly it is they are sourcing, where they are sourcing it from, and whether it is even fit for use. Unlicensed products can compromise your safety and simply aren’t worth the risk.


A Medical Professional has a superior knowledge of your anatomy

 Botox treatments can improve the appearance of the skin, but injections go more than skin-deep. A private beautician may be knowledgeable in surface-level treatments, but where procedures involve injections into the muscles of the treatment area, a trained professional should always be consulted. A licensed aesthetics professional will have been trained in how, and where, to administer injections for certain results; they will possess a superior knowledge of your facial anatomy, meaning that the finished product will be achieved without risk and will be of superior quality.


A Medical Professional knows about side effects and complications

 Even in the safest of hands, Botox treatments can lead to subsequent side effects and, in rare cases, complications. It is perfectly normal, for example, to experience mild discomfort, minor bruising, and even flu-like symptoms for 24-48 hours post-treatment. Yet while a trusted professional will be perfectly placed to advise and guide you through these ailments, a non-medical individual is likely to be unaware of the best response, leading to anxiety when the appropriate support is unavailable! We’re sure you’ll agree that the expert advice of a professional is always be preferable!


If you are considering Botox treatment with a licensed professional in Manchester, Lumiere Clinic are here to deliver the safest and highest-quality treatment. To book an initial consultation, call 0161 236 6500, or send us an email at info@lumiereclinic.co.uk

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