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What you need to know about Thread Vein Removal

18th July 2019

Thread veins are spidery red veins that cover the face as we get older. They upset the balance of our skin tone, signal our advancing years, and are unsightly. They’re commonly associated with alcoholism, given that heavy drinkers tend to be prone to them, and they’re also a side effect of rosacea; a skin flushing condition that not only temporarily reddens the skin, but also leaves thread veins in its wake.

Do you have thread veins on your face, that are causing you to feel self-conscious? Do you suspect that were you to undergo thread vein removal treatment at our Manchester clinic, you could turn back the clock on your looks. You could be right. Losing thread veins does have a rejuvenating effect. Perhaps you’re fed up of people making jokes about how much you drink, when you hardly drink any alcohol at all.

How the facial Thread Vein Removal process works at our Manchester clinic

Our Manchester thread vein removal team can help. Our highly trained practitioner will use either radio-frequency therapy or IPL treatment to remove thread veins. Neither of these are painful to you, but they do trick your skin into thinking it has been injured.

With radio-frequency therapy, the radio-waves penetrate the surface skin layers, damaging cells along the way. This triggers the body’s natural disaster response unit, tasked with producing fresh skin tissue in areas that need repairing. IPL laser treatment does the same thing, but uses light energy to disrupt the skin.

In response to these disruptions, collagen production is temporarily, but dramatically increased. Collagen is what keeps our skin looking young. It’s also what’s required in the creation of new skin cells. In addition to this the cell regeneration rate is speeded up. The body will be on a mission to remove damaged skin cells and replace them with a fresh, new, firm, unblemished layers of skin and your looks benefit from this.

Following radio-frequency therapy treatment for thread vein removal at our Manchester clinic, an even skin tone should be restored. The veins will be made to collapse, preventing the flow of blood through them, before the body removes them via the immune system. Radio-frequency therapy is essentially a way to alert the body to the thread vein that’s bothering you. As they’re merely unsightly, but not harmful to your health, your body has been unaware of it, up until you receive treatment for it.

Your first step towards ridding yourself of your thread veins for good, is to give us a call and arrange a consultation with our practitioner. We’ll be able to advise you as to which therapy might suit you best. The best course of action will depend on your thread veins, your skin type and the severity of the problem. A number of sessions may be required to fully remove them, but the practitioner will be able to advise you better, when you come to our Manchester practice. We look forward to meeting you, helping you refresh and renew your facial skin, as well as boosting the confidence you have in your appearance in the process.

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