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Laser Treatment: Before & After Your Appointment

15th December 2019

Here at Lumiere Clinic, your skin clinic in Manchester, we’re experts in all things aesthetic – including laser treatments. With our Consultant Dermatologist and CIBTAC-qualified laser practitioner at the helm, we can help with all aspects of your treatment. In this post, we’ll go over pre- and post-treatment care for your skin.

Our laser treatments

Before going into the details of caring for your skin, it’s important to know what we can offer and treat here at our Manchester skin clinic. Our expert Dermatologists can offer a range of procedures, including laser hair removal, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light therapy) and laser resurfacing treatment.

Before your treatment

There are lots of things you can do ahead of treatment to ensure things go smoothly and you get the results you expert. Firstly, booking a consultation with our Dermatologists here at our skin clinic in Manchester is key. We’ll be able to identify your skin concerns and can work with you to achieve the outcome you want. Secondly, caring for your skin is an absolute must. Here are a few recommendations for things to try – and avoid – before your session:

  1. Keep hydrated – this is essential, as it will stop your skin appearing dry and can even help the appearance of aged skin. We’ll be able to build a more accurate picture of what laser treatment you’ll need if your skin is properly hydrated.
  2. Follow a good skincare routine – properly cleansing your skin can help it look and feel its best, as can using a good moisturiser. It’s also important to make sure you protect skin from the sun, as sun exposure is linked to concerns such as freckles, sun spots and wrinkles.
  3. Softly does it – for our laser hair removal treatments, you’ll need to prep skin by shaving ahead of your appointment. This helps ensure the laser can properly target the roots of the hair.

After your treatment

Depending on your laser treatment, you might experience some bronzing and flaking of the skin, or even some mild sensitivity and swelling, so it’s important to look after it properly. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Ice is your friend – if you experience any side-effects such as swollen or sensitive skin, applying an ice pack to the area can help ease these symptoms.
  2. Keep hydrated – as with our pre-treatment advice, it’s essential to drink plenty of water following any procedure at our skin clinic. Being hydrated has been linked to the healing process, so could help ease any discomfort felt following treatment.
  3. Stay sun-safe – the sun can cause lots of skin problems, so ensure you wear proper SPF protection when out and about. We can better advise you on this during your consultation.

Of course, whatever treatment you choose, our Dermatologists endeavour to talk you through proper prep and aftercare during your consultation. At our Manchester skin clinic, nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients happy with their fantastic results.

If you’d like to book any kind of laser treatment with our Dermatologists here in Manchester, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Simply visit our contact page to find out more.

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