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Are dermal fillers safe?

28th March 2019

There is a lot of attention being paid to injectable aesthetics and dermal fillers in particular in the news lately, and a lot of speculation as to the safety of these treatments. As a medically-led clinic in Manchester, we’d like to explore the safety of dermal fillers and how you should choose your practitioner.

What are dermal fillers made of?

Dermal fillers are a gel-like injectable treatment that are placed within the soft tissue of your face. They use a naturally-occurring skin substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) to plump and define your treatment area from within. Because they use this naturally occurring skin acid, the product itself is safe to use within the skin because it is biocompatible and readily accepted after some minor side effects.


Can dermal fillers be undone or removed?

If you decide that your dermal filler results aren’t for you and you’d rather return your treatment area to normal, then you don’t need to wait for the fillers to be naturally dissolved over time. Instead, a second injectable treatment can be administered that speeds up your body’s reaction to the dermal filler, breaking it down in as little as 24 hours. This second treatment is also perfectly safe, when performed correctly.


Who can perform dermal fillers?

Unlike anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers are currently not regulated or prescription-only products in the UK. This means that, technically, anyone can perform dermal filler treatments, but this doesn’t mean that they should. You should only seek fillers from medical and aesthetic professionals, because they understand your facial anatomy and underlying skin structures better than anyone. This will not only provide you with higher quality results, as they know exactly where to place filler for your desired effect, but for your overall safety too. Medical and aesthetic professionals, such as the team at the Lumiere Clinic, want you to remain safe, comfortable, and happy during your treatment journey, and this means seeking the right people to perform them.


How to choose your aesthetic practitioner

  • Do they make you feel comfortable? Make sure you feel comfortable with who is performing your treatments. Ask any questions you may have and only commit to treatment when you feel safe to do so.
  • Do they pressure you? If you feel pressured into booking a treatment or committing to it on the day of your consultation when you don’t feel 100% comfortable yet, then this isn’t the practitioner for you.
  • What does their treatment room look and feel like? Take a look around you and decide for yourself whether the room feels clean and sanitary. If it does, then this is a safe environment for you to receive your treatment.


Knowing who to choose for your aesthetic treatments can be tough, especially if you haven’t received dermal fillers before. Find a practitioner that makes you feel comfortable and safe and answers all of your questions, and you’ve found someone you can trust! Here at Lumiere Clinic, we offer dermal fillers in Manchester after a comprehensive and honest consultation, allowing you to make the best decision for yourself before you commit to a treatment journey. To book your initial consultation, get in touch on 0161 236 6500 today.

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