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How PRP therapy helps with thinning hair and hair loss

29th March 2019

The vampire facial, or PRP therapy, has been used to successfully better the health of ageing and tired-looking skin. By using your own natural components – which we’ll explore later – PRP therapy has been shown to change the way your skin operates for a short time after treatment that can produce long-term results. However, this treatment is capable of so much more than just skin rejuvenation. Can PRP therapy really help with thinning hair and hair loss?

The medical uses of PRP

PRP has long been known to accelerate healing in bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Top athletes have been known to use PRP injections in their joints to accelerate their healing process and their return to regular activities and training. It’s also been known to relieve pain in diseases such as tendonitis, ligaments sprains, ligament tears, and arthritis. This is because of the growth factors locked within the treatment, which we’ll shortly explore…


How PRP therapy works

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is exactly what is used for the treatment. Your blood contains platelet-rich plasma, and its these platelets that hold ample growth factors and healing powers. These platelets ‘signal’ to the surrounding cells that an injury has happened, so the neighbouring cells react and begin to heal that area. However, there doesn’t actually need to a wound in order to begin this cell regeneration – you can simply have this treatment to stimulate thicker hair growth and refresh tired skin, because the cells simply work from the inside-out to better the condition.


What happens during your treatment

A small sample of blood is taken from your arm, similar to the amount you’d give for a routine blood test. This sample is then placed in a centrifuge and spun at rapid speeds to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the rest of your blood cells. This plasma is then placed into a sterile one-use syringe and injected into the treatment area.


PRP therapy for hair loss

PRP therapy for hair loss is a very popular treatment for those seeking to battle their thinning hair. The growth factors inside the injected plasma work beneath the skin to reinvigorate your hair, thickening and strengthening the current strands while also stimulating the growth of new hair too. This treatment is popular with both men and women, and your results could be seen within a few weeks of your completed treatment course. It’s recommended that you receive 3-6 treatments for the best results and allow for a few weeks to pass before you expect to see your results. This is because we’re stimulating the body’s natural responses, so we need to give them chance to become visible and work their magic.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy has become a well-recognised and natural alternative to more invasive or uncomfortable treatments. Because the platelets used are entirely your own and we add nothing else to them, this treatment is entirely biocompatible and safe for use within your skin. We of course only use your blood for your treatment. Find out more about PRP therapy in Manchester for hair loss with Lumiere Clinic today – get in touch on 0161 236 6500 to book your initial consultation.

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