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What areas can be treated using Dermal Fillers?

3rd July 2019

Facially, we all mature in individual ways. One person might feel more frustrated by the dark circles under their eyes, while another might feel more concerned about a sagging jawline. However, all signs of ageing in the skin are due to a decrease in our levels of collagen and elastin, the effects of gravity, and a certain level of skin damage from years of sun exposure.

Our collagen production rate begins to slow in our late 20s. When this happens, the skin on our faces is less able to snap perfectly back into its former position after we’ve moved our faces into anything other than a completely neutral expression.

If you’re frustrated with your advancing years becoming more apparent, you might like to book yourself in for a consultation with us. One of our most popular treatments is dermal fillers, which we administer here at our Manchester clinic. Manchester-based dermal fillers, are a great way to give mature, thinning skin a boost and help it look youthfully plump once again.

The uses of dermal fillers in Manchester

This treatment consists of an injection of hyaluronic acid into targeted skin areas. Once this substance is under the skin, it soaks up water and pushes the skin outwards. At the same time, this pushes out wrinkles and deep creases on the lower face. You’d be surprised at how ageing a deep facial line can be, until you see it removed, and notice how much younger you look!

Primarily administered into the lower face, dermal fillers should significantly reduce the prominence of nasolabial lines, which are the lines that run from the nose to the corners of the lips, and the marionette lines, which run from the corners of the lips to the chin.

A sagging jawline can be made more youthfully firm, and sallow cheeks can restored to their former, rounder shape. Facial features can also be subtly altered, such as the drooping tip of a nose, the chin you’ve never been happy with, your cheekbones, and your lips.

Lip fillers in Manchester

Lips naturally thin with age, along with the rest of our facial skin and when this happens, they make our seniority all the more apparent. Our Manchester lip fillers will make your lips look plumper and more youthful. They can alter the volume, shape and proportions of your lips.

The treatment only takes about 20 minutes, is very safe, when administered by one of our highly trained and experienced practitioners and offers immediate results. There may be some swelling and bruising initially, but this should settle down after a couple of days, leaving you looking more youthful in a natural-looking way. The results will stay in place for up to 6 months

To find out more about our Manchester dermal fillers, why not come and meet us for a consultation. This will give us a chance to examine you and put together a bespoke treatment plan. We treat all of our clients on an individual basis, because everybody ages differently, according to our sun exposure rates, health, diet and behaviour. If you fancy looking younger, please give us a call.

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