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The 411 on Thread Veins

3rd March 2020

Thread veins: what are they, how do they form and how can they be treated? In the latest blog post from Lumiere skin clinic, based right here in Manchester, we aim to get to the bottom of this common skin concern and put any fears to rest about its treatment.

What are thread veins?

Thread veins are extremely common, with around half of Western adults thought to be affected. They start out as normal veins, then grow in size and become dilated, which makes them more visible – particularly because they are close to the surface of the skin. Sometimes, thread veins occur after an injury, though some are thought to be hereditary. Sometimes, there isn’t an underlying cause.

What are the symptoms of thread veins?

Itching, throbbing, aching and fatigue can be common, as can mild to severe pain. You might also experience cramping or restless in your legs. In women, symptoms can be affected by your cycle. If untreated, they can develop into varicose veins, which in turn can increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis. That’s why thread vein removal is so important.

How can thread veins be treated?

Here at Lumiere skin clinic in Manchester, we can help with thread vein removal through IPL (Intense Pulsed Light therapy). This involves using a laser to target affected veins and break them down, which leads to them being reabsorbed by the body. The treatment can improve discolouration, such as redness and dilated veins.

What other methods could help?

Alongside our IPL thread vein removal treatment, there are lots of other things you can try to help improve your thread veins. Here are just a few:

Compression stockings – whether full stockings or below or above-the-knee styles, these apply pressure to your legs and help reduce any discomfort or swelling while helping ensure your blood circulates properly.

Sclerotherapy – this involves injecting the veins with a foam that seals them shut. As the blood is redirected, the affected veins will appear paler and less noticeable, but there’s a chance they may reappear.

Surgery – in some cases, surgery may help. This could involve either ‘tying’ the veins or removing a segment altogether.

How do I book in for treatment?

Here at Lumiere skin clinic in Manchester, the first stage of any treatment is a consultation, where we’ll get to the bottom of your skin concern and suggest a range of options for you. We strongly believe in making an informed choice, but are here to guide you and support you as needed.

To start your thread vein removal journey, visit our contact page today.

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